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Meet your Sales Coach

Hi, I'm Dean Sale...great name for sales I know!

I’m an Author, Sales Coach, Consultant & Mentor: (…Dad & Husband too! which are my most important roles of course).

I have over 25 years experience in sales & business,…I’m an all-round Sales Whizz®

As an entrepreneur I’ve worked hard and smart to achieve great success in business.
I was the Co-Founder & Sales Director of a multi-million pound turnover business that employed over 45 people. 

Over 18 years my business won multiple industry awards and was featured in THE SUNDAY TIMES - Fast Track 100 (2009) as the 90th fastest growing company in the UK: (I collected an award at Sir Richard Branson’s home).

I sold my business in 2018 to pursue new interests and achieve new goals: “we created it, we built it & then we sold it”…that was always our plan. 

I’ve employed, coached and mentored hundreds of wonderful people over the past 2 decades. For me there is nothing more satisfying than watching my team flourish and succeed on the back of the help & support I’ve given them, and now with my new business Sales Whizz®, I’m continuing to do what I love & enjoy. 

Anyway, enough about me…it’s all about YOU! 

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Course info & pricing

BUSINESS SALES - A Sales Whizz® Shot in the arm!


Over 5 hours of eLearning: Inc Audio & Video, Assessments and PDF Resources

  • WORDS, TIMING & TONE - (video snippet below
  • WHAT NOW? 

Improve your technique by adopting a solid set of sales fundamentals

Are you currently working in sales and underperforming? If so, the BUSINESS SALES course is here to help you. It'll give you a Sales Whizz® Shot in the arm!

Are you new to sales? If so, welcome. It's important to learn the basics and build your future on solid sales foundations, so let's start building! 

Do you want to work in sales? If so, great decision.! Sales can be fun, rewarding and allow you to determine your own future and shape your own destiny! 

With positive changes: you can reset, you can move forwards and you can fulfil your true potential.

I want you to be stubborn about your goals but flexible about your methods.

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Invest in yourself: learn in your own time, Learn at your own pace & learn on-demand.

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